Dienstag, Januar 16, 2007

Player/Stage/Gazebo on a Macbook Pro

Hey, I am lucky to present you a few steps to get the Player/Stage Project running on your Mac(Tiger). I know, that there are install instructions available but maybe some problems appear.

So just follow the instructions and use my hints, if something goes wrong.


1. install XTools on your Mac (development stuff, gcc, ... )
2. install fink
3. in fink, install the following packages by fink install package-name:pkgconfig, gtk+2, gtk+2-dev, glib2dev,glib,pango1-xft2-dev,atk1
4. in your xterm, export PKG_CONFIG_PATH=/usr/local/lib:$PKG_CONFIG_PATH You can check the pkg-config by pkg-config --list-all, maybe there is an error and configure would fail
5. try ./configure and make install
6. if there was no failure start stage by player /worlds/simple.cfg
7. in my case there was a problem with fontconfig. What I had to do is running sudo fc-cache

1. install swig via fink
3. install python 2.5 and wxPhython for Mac. I used phyton2.5 and installed the whole thing to /usr/local/, others use /sw, so decide, what path you prefer (/usr/local/ is the default). I don't know what happends with other python versions.
3. Don't forget to export the paths explained in the install instructions by replacing /sw to /usr/local
4. the configure script had a problem with the --export-dynamic Flag. What I did (like someone wrote in the mailing list): remove "Wl,--export-dynamic" from GAZEBO_SERVER_LDFLAGS in configure.in
5. After the make was successful, we have to think about the rendering. In the worldfile /usr/local/share/gazebo/worlds/example.world, write <rendermethod>XLIB</rendermethod> in <model:Observercam>.
6. Now we are ready to start Gazebo (wxgazebo file). Without having set the PYTHON_PATH=/usr/local/lib/python2.5/site-packages/ an "ImportError: No module named wxgazebo.main" would appear.

Hopefully it also works on your mac! After that I would like to present a nice screenshot.

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