Sonntag, Oktober 18, 2009

good news: Using wintec 201 gps with Iphone

Good news for all Iphone 2G or Ipod touch fans. Since roqyGps created a Bluetooth Stack, which makes it possible to use external bluetooth devices, you can now use your Wintec WBT 201 for a certain amount of Iphone Apps (I successfully used it with Navigon Mobile Navigator). The requirements to use roqyGPS are, that you have a cracked Iphone, buy a licence of roqyGPS (or get the Russian license, cough, cough...) and reset the Bluetooth password of your GPS mouse to 0000.

I hope, that the project btstack will have support for rfcomm in the near future, so that further development for the SPP bluetooth data transfer is open to more people.