Samstag, April 12, 2008

Comparison: configure wbt201 with gtk-g-rays 2 or time machine X

This is about configuring the tiny WBT 201 GPS logging device. I wrote a post about GTK-G-RAYS on Mac OS X and I think it is time to thank all the people, who gave feedback!

Today, I show you guys some pictures, which compare the unix program with the timemachine software for windows systems, which comes with the device.

  • Configure wbt201 for heading change mode:

    You may recognize, that the value of the g-rays 2 is half of the value in timemachine!

  • Configure wbt201 for speeding change mode mode:

  • Configure wbt201 for time interval mode mode:

    timemachine splits the time in hours, minutes and seconds, while g-rays only shows seconds. 2:10 min = 130 sec

  • Configure wbt201 for distance interval mode mode:

  • Configure wbt201 for time + distance interval mode mode:

I think most of the people, who download GTK-G-RAYS2 for their Mac (my stats say more than 100 a month) are looking for a program to be able to configure it, while downloading the log data with GPSbabel or hougahgps.

Now lets go biking, hiking, whatever. Enjoy your weekend!

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  • Hallo,

    ich bin gerade über Ihre Hompeage gestolpert.
    Ich interessiere mich für das fertig kompellierte Paktet für die Konfiguartion des WBT-201 GPS Loggers.
    Leider führt der Downloadlink ins Leere.
    Können Sie mir diesbezüglich weiterhelfen?
    Vielen Dank im voraus.

    Grüße Jens

    By Blogger schokolade, at 23. April 2009 um 10:14  

  • habe den Link erneuert:


    By Blogger Matzen, at 23. April 2009 um 17:31  

  • Hallo,
    hat prima funktionniert.
    Vielen Dank!

    By Blogger schokolade, at 25. April 2009 um 09:11  

  • Hallo,
    hat einwandfrei funktionniert.
    Vielen Dank für den Link und die Mühe für das Kompellieren.

    Grüße Jens

    By Blogger schokolade, at 28. April 2009 um 14:28  

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